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Inspirational Examples Across North Wales


Nantporth Community Allotments and Orchard

A new community-driven initiative has increased Bangor’s allotment provision, with 100 of their survey respondents asking for one. A small fruit orchard complements the plots, all within walking distance of the city and on the coastal footpath.

Bangor Forest Garden

Initially run in parntership with University of Wales, Bangor, the volunteer-led team have repaired traditional slate fencing and dry stone walls, installed accesible footpaths, benches and arbours, created raised beds, compost loos and herb spirals. Dozens of different useful plant species have been planted, from traditional fruits and vegetables to those that are more unusual. Biodiversity is encouraged by creating habitat piles, having wild areas, encouraging native species, not being too ‘tidy’ and having a couple of ponds.

Henbant Farm Permaculture Project

Henbant has meadows, pasture, woodland, lakes, fairies and stunning views of both sea and mountain. Permaculture, Holistic Management and Agro-Ecological methods are used to grow veg, meat, eggs and milk, but on a small and regenerative human scale that provides food and fuel for our home, our visitors and the local community. As well as being productive, Henbant is a place where people can come and slow down for a while, to think about what matters in the world and what the world needs us to give back.



Conwy Orchard

A community group set up to restore and conserve a Victorian era orchard next to the town walls of Conwy. The group was started to save fruit from a remnant orchard from going to waste, to restore and expand the orchard for the benefit of the local community. The groups organises activities on the site including grounds and tree maintenance, planting and harvesting.

Incredible Edible Conwy

Incredible Edible is a movement all about food: growing and eating food in your local community. Incredible Edible Conwy have set up small planting sites in raised beds all over the town, encouraging those involved and passers by to learn, be inspired and cook using fresh produce. Our steering group has strong links with IE Conwy, and we will endeavor to work closely alongside them as both projects evolve.

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Our Inspiration 

Community gardens provide more than just fruits and vegetables. Numerous examples in Wales, the UK and around the world show that gardening nourishes not only our bodies, but our minds too - promoting healthier eating, physical activity, therapy and meditation, as well as an increased connection to nature. Beyond the individual, a community garden helps to bring people together, providing an outdoor green space for meeting people - new and old - and developing friendship and collaboration between people of all ages.

Scroll down to find out more about the wider benefits of community gardens, as well as some existing projects showcasing the broad spectrum that community gardens can encompass that have inspired us to embark on our own project.

What's in it for ME?

Improved physical health

Improved mental wellbeing

Increased connection to nature

Development of new skills

Children's development and education

In short, a community garden can provide a green space in which to escape, switch off and meditate... or it could be a place to get your hands dirty, break a sweat and learn a valuable new skill - it's up to you on how it best suits your needs. What's more, as well as benefiting you directly, the ethos and activities on offer within a community garden can be an invaluable asset to the education and development of your children as they learn to live within nature's boundaries.


What's in it for US?

Increased community cohesion

Increased green space

Increased biodiversity

Boosting the local economy

A safer community

Community gardens have been proven to bring people together, providing a safe outdoor space to meet, work, learn and socialise. Growing local produce can make a community more resilient, with businesses able to supplement their stock with fresh edibles or sustainable materials, also adding a unique selling point. Furthermore, a community cannot thrive if the surrounding environment is not also healthy - mixed-use land such as could be achieved here offers great potential for increasing biodiversity and improving local environmental conditions.

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What's in it for US?

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On an ideal site, the following range of produce and skills-based activities could be achieved:

Fruits & nuts

Vegetables and herbs

Medicinal herbs

Natural dyes

Willow/Hazel etc. for basketry & weaving

Timber for woodworking

The site could also provide opportunities for educational activities covering the following:

Wildlife & habitats

Land management


For Conwy, and Beyond

Conwy County is forward-thinking and aiming high, having declared a climate emergency, committing to "taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, preparing for and mitigating the impacts of global warming, sea level rise and extreme weather events".

Wales is setting excellent examples to the world as it employs its landmark Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, "requiring public bodies to think about the long-term impact of their decisions, to work better with people, communities and each other, and to prevent persistent problems such as poverty, health inequalities and climate change".

The UK hosted the significant COP26 event in November 2021, the global summit for tackling the ever-more urgent issue of global climate change.


We believe this project can be a small contribution towards all of these wider aims. The 21st century will see our society experience unprecedented disruptions to food security and social welfare due to climate change at home and abroad. But we have time to make ourselves more resilient.

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