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We share our vision for Conwy Community Garden at Twthill Farm, Bodlondeb. Its history, location, transport links and Council ownership make it ideal for pushing ahead with an ambitious eco-project for Conwy town. We have met with Council officers from Planning, Estates, Allotments and Finance. There are indications the field could be sold to a private developer and we are keen to preserve and improve as much greenery as possible.

March 2023

Guidance from Council officers to campaign for the ideal site

September 2021



July 2021

Our website has been launched to provide the community with more background information to the project, including who we are, why we want to do this, and showcasing some of the most significant benefits that can result from a project such as this with reference to existing projects that have inspired us. Please help us spread the word and share!

Meanwhile, our steering group is still researching, formulating a proposal and meeting local people.

A community survey has been created as a means of gathering as much constructive feedback from the local population as possible. Information submitted will be used to steer the project in a direction that best suits the needs and desires of those who will eventually use the space, whilst also providing a useful addition to a formal proposal. View the survey here.

September 2021

Steering Group meets with Social Farms and Gardens

Social Farms & Gardens, "a UK wide charity supporting communities to farm, garden and grow together", agrees to support the project as the steering group meets with the Community Advisory Land Service. Social Farms and Gardens have a vision of "people and communities reaching their full potential through nature-based activities as a part of everyday life", and aim to "improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the environment through nature-based activities". 

May 2022

Project Proposal Completed

Our proposal is complete! After a year's research and review, we have written the first draft of our proposal for Conwy Council. More details will be shared later in the year. We have started to investigate the decision-making processes the project will undergo and which avenues to follow. Meetings with councilors and officers are being planned.

January 2023

Town Council

on board

Our proposal is supported by Conwy Town Council.

Community Survey Launched

May 2021

Steering Committee Formed

A steering committee, comprising several members of the Conwy community with diverse backgrounds and experience in education, natural sciences (etc.), has been formed to nurture the seed of an idea that has been in the making for several months. The committee will aim to meet monthly whilst working to secure a suitable site, garner support and gain feedback from within the community and draft a proposal to be submitted to local council later in 2021.

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